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Mbuna Cichlids Fish for the Home Aquarium

Mbuna Cichlids Fish

This picture is of an electric yellow and a red Mbuna Cichlids fish.  These cichlids are some of the most colorful freshwater fish for the home aquarium.  Mbuna are very aggressive and territorial fish, they are not suitable for beginner fishkeepers.  A suitable aquarium setting includes many rocks, adequate filtration, caves, and hiding places; plants may be uprooted, so they are best avoided, but a small number will work well in the aquarium. One of the plants that can be used with Mbuna Cichlids is the Java fern, which may become the object of Mbuna aggression, but will not be eaten due to an undesirable taste.


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Click here to learn more about Mbuna Cichlids fish  --> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mbuna

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