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Horse Training: Learn from a Mare mother teaching her foal

Mare horse mother with her foal

The Equus model for training Horses enables us to approach our horses freely, without any special equipment, and educate them using the same language their mothers used when they were foals and the alpha uses with them daily. This training model elicits certain responses from the horse, both intentionally and unintentionally, using their language.

Learn about the Equus model, introduced by Marlis Amato.  This training model takes advantage of the horse's instincts and uses the same language that horses use to communicate with each other.  It helps create a mutual understanding between the trainer and the horse.  Equus model teaches instructions to the trainer that are easily understood by a horse (because they are part of their instincts) and also teaches the training how to understand the horse's body language in reaction to the given instructions.  This training model is so comfortable for the horse that you don't even need a  round pen to train it.

Click here to view a video clip that provides an introduction of the Equus model to educate your horse.  This video clip explains how a Mare mother teaches her foal to stay at her side and explains how that same methodology can be used to educate your horse by using only a halter and lead line.

The following 3 video clips provide more details on how to use the Equus model to create a partnership with your horse so you can easily train it:

These video clips from Marlis Amato is part of her training video "Equus as a Second Language".

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